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Electronic Court Filing is Mandatory in courts across Indiana. eFile your legal documents quickly and easily with CourtFiling.net.

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eFiling has been sweeping across the United States as many court systems are transitioning to modern, digital platforms. eFiling is the electronic filing of legal documents into the court system to be reviewed by the county clerk. This digital process replaces tradition court filing where one would have to physically visit the courthouse to have their papers processed.

Indiana eFiling is made possible through certified electronic filing service provides, like CourtFiling.net. CourtFiling.net provides users with an easy way to submit their legal documents to the Indiana judicial system.


CourtFiling.net's main goal is to offer affordable and accessible eFiling to Indiana lawyers, paralegals, and pro se litigants (those that represent themselves).

Our platform allows our users to eFiling efficiently from virtually any location. Our user-friendly dashboard was designed with lawyers and non-legal professionals in mind.

Indiana eFiling

Court Information

CourtFiling.net is not associated with the court system. Instead, our platform allows user to connect with the courts. Therefore, if you have questions regarding eFiling, applicable laws, regulations, and procedures, please contact your local court house.

eFiling rules vary across counties, courts, and judges. To get the most applicable information, contact the courthouse where you paperwork is filed.

*Please note that the Indiana courts are not directly affiliated with CourtFiling.net.

CourtFiling.net is an Indiana certified electronic filing service provider. Our system offers a secure and official transfer of your legal documents straight into the county clerk's office for approval.


What is CourtFiling.net?

CourtFiling.net is an Indiana certified electronic filing service provider. Our platform is how filers submit their paperwork into the county clerk for review. We facilitate the digital connection to the courts' filing processing system.

Our platform is more powerful than just filing submissions. We offer multiple features that make eFiling easier, as well as tools to manage your submissions. Alongside these features, our staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions pertaining to electronic filing.

What are CourtFiling.net features?

  • PDF Conversion
  • Reports
  • Case Summaries
  • Case Lookup
  • 24/7 Support

Indiana eFiling

eFiling for Civil Cases in the Indiana Courts.

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